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You know your business better than anyone, which is why, to kick-start your blog posting, you have plenty of space for text content, 250 to 300 words of written content. Start with a beginning, focus on the middle, and encourage your readers at the end. Keep your content simple, focused, and engaging.

Graphics and logo wise, please get BIG. We need two different kinds of images. Firstly, your business logo, as big as possible in .PNG or .JPG format. Secondly, an original high resolution photograph or graphic that illustrates your text content. This image should be 1500 wide x 815 pixels high (JPG).

At the bottom of your posting, we will add a link to your https:// website home page. We will also include links to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (under your https:// website link). At minimum, you’ll need to have an active Twitter or Facebook profile about your business, linked from your website.

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